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Angry Birds Go!
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Angry Birds Go!

Angry Birds Go! is a kart racing sport and the 8th game inside the indignant birds online game series. the sport changed into co-advanced by means of rovio entertainment and exigent amusement, and turned into released on December eleven, 2013. the sport is like minded with Hasbro telepods in order to permit the player to summon a selected kart.[2] the sport’s tracks are positioned on the 3-D-rendered piggy island. the game also features up gradable karts and unique powers for each person.

As of November 2014, go! has been downloaded over a hundred million instances and group multiplayer changed into delivered. in 2017 indignant birds cross! stopped receiving major updates from rovio and the game seems to were discontinued


In irritated birds go!, gamers can pick out how they want to move their kart. if players choose “tilt”, they ought to the lean the tool into the direction they want the kart to transport into. if gamers pick out “contact”, gamers must then tap on both the left or proper a part of the display to move the kart to the left or proper respectively. to start the race, they ought to pull the kart returned from a large slingshot, then launch whilst the “pass!” textual content seems. if gamers release it early, all different opponents will even launch early, but the participant’s kart will spin, slowing it down. gamers can collect coins whilst racing. players also can use a character’s unique strength, relying on the chicken or pig they decided on to race. but instead of collecting it on the song, they charge up, and be reusable in a race for 3 gem stones. the races, however, has no laps in any respect and when completed with the race one strength unit, initially proven as cupcakes, is lost and is slowly regained with time. while players are not racing, they will use the accumulated coins to upgrade their kart. this selection is crucial on progressing for certain race kinds may additionally only be repeated if a kart’s cc or “cake capability” is excessive enough, which can be accelerated by using upgrading. gamers also can trade characters when no longer racing, for every man or woman has their very own specific unique energy, which can significantly help players on certain race sorts, and most importantly if the chosen racer is out of electricity.

Gem stones are an in-recreation currency this is both purchased with actual cash or slowly won by means of competing races. this may be used to buy extra karts.

Angry Birds Go!

The July 2015 replace added system one driving force ayrton senna to the individual roster, he’s just like chuck and is playable completely. the update additionally got here with a manner to earn senna’s racing helmet in-sport by way of placing in forty one races with senna; that is the quantity of races won in the course of senna’s career.[5][unreliable source?]

In june 2016, the sport turned into overhauled to version players can race (or go to an ad each few hours) to earn tickets, which may be redeemed to open treasure chests containing cash, gems, and elements. the parts may be used to improve karts. power changed into still used to initiate races, and it recharges with time, looking ads, and/or spending gems.


Race types

There are different types of racing for every of the guides: 

Race is a downhill race against up to seven different opponents.
Time boom is a solo challenge in which you have to reach the finish before the timer runs out, at the same time as additionally avoiding obstacles.
Fruit splat is either solo or against up to 2 different racers wherein you have to hit a set wide variety of end result. after the fruit meter is emptied, the end result exchange to cash. at the sub zero direction, it is called “ice splat”, where the culmination are changed by means of ice cream sandwiches and associated sweet treats.
As opposed to is against any other racer with smooth, medium and difficult choice to choose for vary of problem or coins earned when won.
Champion chase is a head-to-head race towards a new racer; after 3 wins you may unlock the racer. (version most effective)
Slalom (only in sub 0 and weekly event) is a race type entails riding through gates in a positive amount of time. on every occasion you leave out a gate, a part of time is taken off the clock and five TNT crates drop in the front of your kart. (version 1.0 handiest)
In version 1.0, for race, time boom and fruit splat races, those can most effective be performed for 5 rounds with growth in issue until all five rounds every are finished, after which players can complete challenges. each race type besides “versus” has a cc (cake capacity, earned from getting improvements) requirement before you could enter that race type each time. further, there may be a jenga mode unlocked either by using entering a code from the indignant birds jenga toy or with an in-app purchase; this has the racer happening a ramp to spoil into blocks and pigs.

In version, race, time boom, and fruit splat are the main forms of racing. as opposed to is available against boss characters.

Angry Birds Go!


On 12 june 2013, developer rovio enjoyment published a teaser trailer internet site displaying the purple fowl speeding into the distance after a “equipped, set, cross” countdown. the teaser fueled speculation by journalists and enthusiasts that the game would be either a racing recreation or an infinite running sport. rovio determined the kart racing changed into a very good match because of deliver and call for – there had been calls on numerous boards for a mobile karting sport.

Indignant birds cross! changed into one of the first apps launched concurrently at the four principal phone platforms: ios, android, home windows smartphone and blackberry 10.[7] this app supports rovio bills so players can sync development between one-of-a-kind devices at the same operating machine.

In model 2.0, the sport changed into absolutely redesigned with a brand new chapter structure. races may be replayed although rewards for every undertaking are given best once. daily challenges and tournaments concerning a variety of active online players attempting to accumulate factors in a restrained time enable players to win tickets, which can be redeemed for upgrade components, cash, and gem stones. cash also can be used to shop for upgrade components.



Telepods are figures created by using Hasbro that was first used for angry birds star wars ii. it allows you to summon a selected kart, but no longer the precise racer proven on the toy.[12] the summoned kart works in any track, however not all of the karts can be played in every music. if a kart of a locked route is summoned, it’ll liberate the route, but the best playable race type is the “as opposed to” mode of the first tune. when the use of telepods, to summon the particular kart it’s miles important to scan the qr code each time after the app is fully closed.

Angry Birds Go!


Rovio announced on December 13, 2013 that the multiplayer function could be protected in the upcoming spring 2014 update.[13] after the release of the may also 2014 update, multiplayer turned into in part featured as a “weekly tournament”, in which the participant tries to compete in five occasions against the player’s fb pals, just like angry birds friends.

In the July 2014 replace, multiplayer changed into in addition introduced within the sport. according to rovio, this is part one of the replace. the online multiplayer is asynchronous, as a result players are not competing with every other on the identical time. however, rovio tips that part in their replace may also include synchronous on line racing.[14] in the November 2014 update, multiplayer features crew racing with three other racers at the identical time, and night time racing is an alternative.[4] in early 2015 replace, nearby multiplayer in which gamers can race each different if they’re all using the identical WI-fi network.


The sport has received combined opinions, with a meta critic rating of 60/a hundred primarily based on 24 opinions.[15] the guardian favored the gameplay and turned into no longer overly afflicted by the in-app purchases.[7] tech 2 did not like the electricity system, which handiest lets in you to play 5 races with a hen, after which they may be locked except you wait or liberate with crystals (which might be slowly earned in-sport or with an in-app purchase) and did now not just like the automobile improve system the use of in-sport currency this is slowly earned through racing or with an in-app purchase for cash.


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