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Angry Birds Transformers Game

Angry birds transformers
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Angry Birds Transformers Game

Angry birds transformers is a facet-scrolling shoot ’em up online game. the tenth installment in the angry birds series, the game is a crossover among angry birds and transformers, presenting battles among the auto birds and deceptions, irritated birds versions of the auto bots and deceptions. it’s miles published through proviso amusement with collaboration from Hasbro. the sport changed into launched on October 15, 2014, for ios, launched on October 30, 2014, for android. the discharge consists of related licensed merchandise and a toy line from Hasbro. the sport’s catchphrase is “birds disguised as robots in disguise”.

Indignant birds is a online game franchise created by way of the Finnish employer proviso enjoyment. the series makes a specialty of multi-colored birds which try and store their eggs from inexperienced-colored pigs, their enemies. inspired through overwhelm the castle,[2] the game has been praised for its successful aggregate of fun game play, comical fashion, and occasional fee. its reputation led to many spin-offs, variations of indignant birds created for cps and video game consoles, a marketplace for products offering its characters, a televised animated series, and a function movie. via January 2014, there have been over billion downloads across all systems, consisting of each ordinary and unique editions.[3][4] through July 2015, the collection’ video games have been downloaded greater than 3 billion instances collectively,[5] making it the most downloaded premium game series of all time. the authentic irritated birds has been called “one of the maximum mainstream video games out proper now”,[6] “one of the top notch runaway hits of 2010”,[7] and “the largest cell app fulfillment the world has visible up to now”.[8] an lively feature film based totally at the series became released by using Columbia pics on 20 can also 2016, and the primary essential-series sequel, irritated birds 2, became launched on 30 July 2015.

The first game inside the series become first of all launched in December 2009 for ios.[9] on the time, the swine flu epidemic changed into in the news, so the staff determined to use pigs as the enemies of the birds.[10] the corporation released ports of the sport to other touchscreen smartphone working systems, together with android, Symbian, and home windows phone, and desktops.

Angry birds transformers


The egg spark has crashed into the floor of piggy island, cyber forming the birds and pigs and turning them into the transformers. it has additionally became the eggs into the egg bots, which can be turning all pigs (besides for king, foreman, chef, corporal, minion, and professor pig- who are protagonists) into their minions and then turning non-living matters into monsters that need to destroy life, changing it with technological beings throughout the island. the auto birds and deceptions have to placed their differences apart to wreck the converted pigs and to chase the mischievous egg bots, in the long run rescuing the fate in their homeland.


The goal is to live on through the run, capturing at pigs, systems, and objectives and reworking into vehicles, which include motors, vehicles, motorbikes, tanks, submarines and planes (which each stay at floor stage)- given that failure to survive effects in no pigs popped and/or having no health for that character. pigs may be eliminated by way of shooting immediately at them, however it is now and again less difficult to defeat them by means of shooting at the systems or making tnt explode. because the game play is a facet-scrolling video game, pigs who have gone out the display screen can now not be eliminated. the participant can use the user’s fb pals unlocked characters or randomly generated characters to help in a level for a restrained time.

Coins can be amassed both at some stage in runs, popping pigs and/or simply with the aid of waiting and gathering coins that generate over time from freed regions. a few tiers or capabilities can be best unlocked when the participant has upgraded enough transformers to degree 15.


The sport is the fourth recreation within the franchise to be like minded with angry birds’ teleport, a toy line this is also used in different angry birds video games including: irritated birds star wars ii, angry birds cross, and irritated birds Stella.[6] when the usage of teleport, it may summon the toy’s transformer, and either boost its energy or recharge its armor. it’s miles a vital to scan the toy’s qr code every time after the app is closed because the software will “overlook” the telepods the consumer has formerly scanned in.

Angry birds transformers

Comic series

At sicced 2014, id publishing and proviso announced an indignant birds transformers crossover comedian books collection; it turned into written via john barber and artwork through Marcelo Ferrari and published in early 2015 as a 4 difficulty mini-collection


Angry birds transformers has acquired commonly superb critiques, with a meta critic score of 70/one hundred primarily based on thirteen opinions.[8] the mother or father praised that the game appeals to transformers fans, while also imparting greater proof that the irritated birds can match smartly into new testimonies and sport genres, even as the disadvantage there are timers of multiple hours to improve a person, but gems to improve right away (slowly earned or bought with real money) make the improve take place instantly.


Rovio is investigating approaches to make bigger the angry birds logo, inclusive of products, TV suggests and movies. Michael hed, CEO of proviso cell, has estimated a feature film inside the stop-motion animation style of yardman animations.[36] to that end, rovio has bought a Helsinki-primarily based animation studio to prepare indignant birds short cartoons on the nickelodeons station’s nickelodeon greater, the first of which was a Christmas special named “ruin the halls” that debuted in December 2011.[39] hed acknowledges that this type of movie might be years away, and that rovio have to preserve the characters relevant until then, with the aid of generating sequels or new ports of the original sport.

Angry birds transformers

Television adaptation

Irritated birds tuns, a TV series primarily based on the sport, made its debut on 16 march 2013. angry birds tuns is released through 1/3-celebration video distribution systems, along with Comcast’s infinity on-call for within the us, Samsung smart tbs, and Roku set-top boxes. it’s also to be had in a number of international locations on traditional TV announces. indignant birds tuns is to be had on cellular gadgets via a further indignant birds tuns channel on all the indignant birds apps home screens.[3] DVD version for the television series become released with the aid of nosy pix home enjoyment. the collection has a total of three seasons.

On eleven April 2014, rovio launched “piggy stories”, a forestall motion lively collection. it tells the memories of the minion pigs’ life.

On 1 November 2014, rovio launched “angry birds Stella”, a second/three-D animated series, telling the testimonies of Stella’s existence and that of her buddies on their personal island.

On 12 July 2015, actual indignant birds, inspired with the aid of the sport indignant birds, premiered on ant ego wild.

On 10 march 2017, rovio released “irritated birds blues”, a computer-lively collection based at the angry birds movie. it shows the lives of the blues having amusing, whilst the hatch lings doing random stuff and ruining their plans.

On three July 2017, Netflix and kids click picked up every angry birds tuns, irritated birds Stella, and piggy testimonies episode in shape of 23 compilations.

on 1 june 2018, u.s. TV manufacturing employer big fish entertainment introduced that they could be partnering with rovio to create a game show primarily based on indignant birds currently called irritated birds task.[40]

On 9 june 2018, indignant birds bird cup series had been launched. the series turned into released on “you tube”

On Revolutionary Organization 17 November 2018, irritated birds on the run series have been launched. the collection turned into released on you tube.

Film adaptation

A 3D computer-animated movie model, the angry birds movie, became launched on 20 might also 2016,[41] which fully anthropomorphize the characters for the first time in franchise records, giving them limbs and voices. evolved, produced and financed via rovio leisure,[41] it is lively via nosy pics image works[42] and disbursed worldwide via nosy photos leisure underneath their Columbia pictures banner.[41] it’s miles directed by way of animation veterans clay kayaks and feral rally in their directorial debut.[43] Jon Vitim wrote the movie’s screenplay,[44] and john Cohen[45] and Catherine winder[44] served because the producers.[43] rovio also hired David malaise, former government manufacturer of marvel studios films consisting of iron man, to be the govt manufacturer of its characteristic-duration films.[45]

A sequel is scheduled to be launched on 16 august 2019.

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