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Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga
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Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is a unfastened-to-play fit-3 puzzle video game released by using king on April 12, 2012, for Facebook; other versions for ios, android, windows cellphone, and windows 10 accompanied. it’s far a variant of their browser recreation sweet overwhelm.

In the sport, players entire ranges by means of swapping colored pieces of sweet on a game board to make a fit of three or greater of the identical colour, getting rid of the ones candies from the board and changing them with new ones, which could doubtlessly create similarly matches. suits of 4 or greater chocolates create particular sweets that act as strength-united states of america with larger board-clearing skills. boards have numerous desires that have to be completed within a fixed variety of actions or confined quantity of time, together with a sure rating or collecting a specific quantity of a type of candy.

Candy weigh down saga is taken into consideration one of the first and most a hit uses of a premium version; while the sport may be played absolutely thru without spending cash, players should purchase special moves to assist clear greater hard boards, from which king makes its sales—at its height the corporation was reportedly incomes almost $1 million according to day.[2] around 2014, over ninety three million humans have been gambling sweet weigh down saga, whilst revenue over a three-month length as stated with the aid of king became over $493 million.[3] five years after its launch on cell, the candy crush saga series has received over 2.7 billion downloads, and the sport has been one of the maximum-grossing and maximum-performed cellular apps in that point frame. king has considering that released three associated titles, sweet weigh down soda saga, sweet weigh down jelly saga, and sweet weigh down buddies saga.


Sweet weigh down saga is a “healthy three” game, where the center gameplay is primarily based on swapping two adjoining candies among numerous on the game board as to make a row or column of at the least three matching-colored sweets. on this fit, the matched candies are eliminated from the board, and candies above them fall into the empty areas, with new chocolates acting from the pinnacle of the board. this may create a new matched set of sweets, that’s robotic ally cleared within the equal manner. the player rankings factors for those suits and profits progressively greater points for chain reactions.[4] additionally, developing fits of 4 or extra candies will create a unique candy that, when matched, can clear a row, column, or different segment of the board.[4]

The sport is break up among many tiers, which should be finished in series. each stage poses a special venture to the consumer, including attaining a minimal score in a fixed wide variety of movements or clearing chocolates in a set number of moves to deliver special substances to the bottom of the board. boards have a number of distinct configurations and might encompass special areas which have their very own precise rules, together with spaces blanketed with jelly that need to be cleared via making a in shape on that space.[4] if the participant meets the level’s aim, they’ll receive from one to 3 stars based totally on their rating and may continue onto the next degree. otherwise, they’ll lose one existence and need to try again. if the player runs out of lives, they should look forward to a few period of real-global time whilst their lives regenerate earlier than trying the level again.[4] finished degrees may be replayed if favored.

Candy Crush Saga

The sport has been extended with a number of episodes, including some dozen new levels per episode as well as new gameplay mechanics. in the game’s first principal expansion, the sport introduced a separate set of stages inside the dreamworld. even as degrees had the identical desires, the gamers had to balance fits of candies of two randomly selected coloration to avoid disrupting the drowsing odus the owl; if they did, the extent was considered misplaced and the player had to try again. if they accumulated enough matched sweets to fill a meter, the participant actives the moon struck power: the board was cleared of all candies of those two coloring, and the player received some turns of extra fits while not having to balance colors. after this, odus lower back to sound asleep and two new hues have been randomly decided on for the balance. this continued until the player finished the level or ran out of turns as in the principal game. dreamworld levels used a specific set of lives from the principle sport, permitting the player to interchange to and fro between these modes. the dreamworld is not available.

In-app purchases

The sport is frequently monetized thru in-app purchases (thru both a credit score card, iTunes credits or google play credits); players start with five “lives”, misplaced each time a degree is failed. this is applicable to all of king’s games. while they’re exhausted, users can either ship requests to their fb friends for more lives, watch for them to replenish themselves (a life is restored each 1/2-hour), or buy them. initially when a participant makes a buy for brand new lives, they acquire five new lives for a selected greenback quantity. in a current update, while a participant makes a buy for brand spanking new lives, the participant receives gold bars, the amount relying on how a good deal cash they spend. gold bars may be used for brand spanking new lives, greater movements, boosters or to release a brand new episode. at sure factors, ordinarily at the start of latest “episodes”, users need to also both purchase or acquire a request from as a minimum 3 friends earlier than they may get admission to the subsequent set of ranges. an update intended gamers most effective waited for three days to unencumbered the next episode.

Boosters, to make the ranges less complicated, may be offered using in-app purchases.[6] even as the game consists of premium content, ninety seven.7% of these gambling the sport do so without spending a dime, at the same time as only 2.three% pay.


All through the sport, the participant solves puzzles so tiff (brief for toffee) can clear up troubles plaguing the citizens of the sweet state. these include tutorial guide mr. toffee, whose voice changed into modified from an over-the-pinnacle french accessory in the authentic model of the game into a extra modest deep male voice;[8] the Easter bunny; the shop owner mr. yeti; odus the owl from dreamworld degrees; the villainous bubblegum troll; and lots of others.

Inside the candy overwhelm jelly saga, the two primary characters that the participant performs against are the jelly queen and cupcake Carl.


Previous to the release of sweet crush saga, most of king’s video games were browser video games provided thru their internet site or partner portals together with yahoo!. several in their video games featured tournament-style gameplay, where players should spend money to go into competitive tourneys for in-sport boosts, which served as one of the primary shape of revenue for the business enterprise similarly to in-game item sale micro transactions and commercials.[9] around 2009, facebook started to tug in builders, specifically gauzy, to offer social network games that might be constructed on its fundamental offerings; for king, this resulting in a huge drop in players that they noticed from their game portals inside a yr. at this factor, king started out to decide how it could input the fb and the related cell sport markets, breaking up its net development branch to work on facebook and mobile video games in 2010, together with bringing numerous in their current browser games to the ones structures.[10] most of these current video games were added as beta versions to facebook customers, and the organisation used player counts and remarks to determine which of those titles had the most prospect for transferring ahead, allowing them to awareness greater extensive improvement on the ones titles even as dropping the rest, within the style of a fast prototyping method.[11] the facebook platform allowed them to explore growth in their existing event-style video games and the capacity to consist of micro transactions inside the game.

Candy Crush Saga

In April 2011, king launched its first pass-platform (facebook and cell) game, miner pace,[13] which had a simple fit-three idea that borrowed principles from bejeweled that helped the organisation parent out the transition between facebook and cellular video games for this new course.[10] king’s first major success in this location observed with bubble witch saga, launched in October 2011; through January 2012 it has attracted over 10 million players and become one in every of fastest rising fb games at that point.[14] bubble witch saga brought the “saga” approach in comparison to common tile-matching games, where as a substitute of getting the game preserve thru a hard and fast quantity of time or until the player reached an unplayable kingdom, the game became divided into discrete degrees that required the player to complete certain desires within a hard and fast set of movements, and where the next degree may want to handiest be reached after completing the preceding level. these saga factors allowed for the fundamentals of social gameplay, however did no longer require the time investment that then-famous titles like manga’s Melville required; gamers should play just for a couple of minutes every day via the saga version.[15] the achievement of bubble witch saga establishing king as a feasible developer in this arena, turning into the second-largest developer by using day by day player assume the facebook platform via April 2012, trailing best zynga.

Candy crush saga changed into selected as king’s subsequent fb recreation based totally on the recognition of the portal version of sweet overwhelm, first launched in 2011 and which was one of the 5 maximum famous games by means of 2012.[16] the basic thoughts from miner speed were used to craft the foundation of sweet weigh down saga, adding the “saga” factors from bubble witch saga. preliminary thoughts for candy weigh down saga had been proposed by using king’s leader innovative officer, Sebastian Knuths, around 2011.[10] the sport become first launched for facebook in April 2012, at the time presenting best 65 tiers.[17] the sport quickly won recognition, gaining more than four million players within some weeks of launch.[18]

King later launched cellular variations for ios and android that identical 12 months, adding a characteristic that allowed mobile customers to synchronize their development with the fb model. Knuths said that at that time, with candy crush saga as popular as it changed into on facebook, they knew that they “needed to get it proper” inside the transition process.[10] king had formerly mentioned the character of games that kept their state among a pc and cell model with fabrication video games, believing this became a necessary fashion in the future of gaming, both recognized several of the difficulties that could need to be addressed to offer each the development synchronization and gameplay interface between mouse-pushed computer computers and touch-driven cell gadgets.[16] king determined that one difficulty with transiting bubble witch saga to cell changed into that the gameplay factors have been too small for cell devices, and aimed to correct that for candy overwhelm saga on mobile. the mobile release delay for candy weigh down saga became in element due to adding the capability to play the mobile model in an offline mode that could nonetheless synchronize once the player returned on-line.[16]

The cellular model helped to enhance recognition of the sport, attributed to the character of the sport being able to be performed in a select-up-and-pass manner perfectly suited for mobile devices. Tommy palm, one of the 4 developers for candy overwhelm saga, said that the first weekend numbers after the sport’s cellular release have been over ten instances more than the estimates they expected.[16] via January 2013, sweet weigh down saga overtook manga’s Melville 2 because the top-performed sport on the fb platform.[19]

Candy Crush Saga

Sweet weigh down saga become multiplied through the years by using adding new episodes, every containing various of latest stages. this enabled king to additionally introduce new gameplay capabilities alongside other game upgrades.[10] new features were first tested on king’s very own portal to peer how players there replied and letting them tweak these as wanted, then pushed those into the episodes on the fb/cell version.[20] via september 2016, king launched its 2000th stage for the game to have fun the milestone of over 1 trillion sweet crush saga games having been performed.[21][22] extra recently, with the game presented as a unfastened-to-play model, king seeks to provide new content on weekly or biweekly foundation, including time-restricted content. laconic noticed this method as a method to preserve players, who otherwise have not purchased anything, to hold coming again and playing the sport.


In step with evaluation aggregator internet site meta critic, the game acquired a mean evaluation score of 79/one hundred, indicating generally wonderful opinions.[24] Ellie Gibson of euro gamer mentioned candy crush saga as 2013’s “sport of the 12 months”.[25]


By means of 2013, candy crush saga have been downloaded more than 500 million times across facebook, ios, and android devices and taken into consideration the most downloaded app from the apple app store,[26][27] and had at the least 6.7 million lively customers on a daily foundation; the game had a day by day revenue of $633,000 from america segment of the ios app keep on my own.[28] through 2014, the sport had over 245 million active gamers every month however has considering dropped off, with that remember falling to round 166 million by using 2016.[29] it again rose returned to 293 million energetic month-to-month players through november 2017.[30]

Even though first of all released with advertising to help with sales, king eliminated the advertising in 2013, and totally has earned money from the game within the shape of in-app purchases.[29] only a small percentage of the participant base has bought in-sport items, as much as round 4%, however this has caused millions of bucks in month-to-month revenue for king.[29] in 2014, candy overwhelm saga players spent over $1.33 billion on in-app purchases. this is a decline from the preceding 12 months, considering in the 2d half of 2013 players spent over $1.04 billion.[7] by means of 2015, the monthly revenue turned into envisioned at $120 million, however with declining gamers purchasing in-sport objects, down to 2% via 2016, that sales has dropped to just over $53 million consistent with month.[29]once more, via the quit of October 2018, the month-to-month revenue rose to $128 million.[31]

5 years after its release on cellular, the sweet crush saga series has acquired over 2.seventy three billion downloads.[32] its sales for the area finishing september 2017 was $250 million, having won enormous improvement in year-to-12 months sales from 2016.[23] it stays one of the top gross-sales profits app for cellular in the four years main as much as 2017.[23]through the end of july 2018, the full revenue earned by means of this sport stood at $three.ninety one billion.[31]

Candy crush received particular point out in gong Kong media, with reports that one in seven hong kong citizens plays the game.[33] in december 2013, king entered the Japanese marketplace with a chain of television commercials in japan, and with the aid of december four it had become the twenty third most downloaded game in japan on android gadgets and no 1 most downloaded from the app store.[34]it is also the most popular sport inside the UK of all time.[31]

Player demographics

Fifty eight% of the gamers are girls, at the same time as 46% of the gamers are of gen x, although more youths and kids play it.


Candy overwhelm saga won the human beings’s choice awards for preferred mobile recreation 2016. other nominees had been fruit ninja, despicable me: minion rush, flora vs zombies and temple run.[35] it was also the winner of ninth global mobile gaming awards for the excellent social sport.

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