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Clay Fighter

Clay Fighter
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Clay Fighter

Clay Fighter is a preventing sport released for the fantastic nintendo in november 1993 and later ported to sega mega drive/genesis in june 1994. the game is a parody of road fighter. in 2009, it become re-released on the nintendo wii digital console.

Maximum of the game functions a circus theme centered extra on humor. it capabilities acclamation-fashion graphics that have been created with the aid of photographing and digitizing actual clay models.

The game was one of the “clay” themed recreation franchises made by interaction productions, the second being a plat former released for the sens titled clay mates.


A meteor made totally out of clay crash-lands on the grounds of a humble american circus. the goo from the interstellar item contaminates all the circus’ attractions, transforming them into weird caricatures of their former selves, with new superpowers.


The sport features 8 playable characters and one boss individual:

Bad mr. frosty – a snowman with a horrific attitude. his special attacks encompass throwing snowballs, spitting sharp balls of ice, sliding along the floor and kicking his opponent, and turning into a snow boulder and rolling into his opponent. his arena in 1-participant mode is an icy lake in the front of an ice block fortress with penguin spectators. his taunt includes his standing with arms akimbo or gesturing even as pointing out, “i am terrible, i’m cool, i’m no-one’s fool.”

Blob – a blob of clay. a self-proclaimed grasp of “jujitsu,” his distinctiveness is “morphing” into gadgets to assault his opponent, with his uniqueness being remodeling into a buzz saw and reducing his opponent in half of. he is said to be pretty wise, no matter being made from the slimy dregs of the mutagen meteor. his area is a pool of green slime.

Blue suede goo – an elvis impersonator with wildly exaggerated capabilities, such as a huge intestine or even larger hair. he throws musical notes at his opponent and uses his hair as a blade. he fights on the keys of a flaming piano with the phrases “massive hunk o’ burnin’ clay” (a parody of the elvis track “hunka hunka burnin’ love”) on it. his name is a parody of the Fifties song “blue suede footwear.”

Bonker – a cheerfully manic clown whose arsenal includes deadly pies, killer cartwheels, a spraying flower, and the big hammer that gives him his call. he’ll fight in fun houses, one corresponding to a clown head, the other corresponding to a bubble-spewing rubber duck (despite the fact that their interiors are the identical, shop for a palette change).

Clay Fighter

Helga – an overweight opera singer with exceptionally massive breasts. she is blue suede goo’s rival and attacks via hurling herself at her warring parties, stabbing them with the horns on her helmet, and with the aid of hitting that excessive note for a sonic scream. the primary opponent in single participant mode, she fights at an open-air opera theater.

Icky bod clay – a ghost with a pumpkin head. he can teleport and throw balls of cytoplasm at foes. his call is a play on diabolic crane from sleepy hole, and his pumpkin-head is based at the headless horseman from the identical story. his area is a haunted residence.

Taffy – a preventing piece of taffy whose assaults specifically involve stretching and twisting his skinny however notable-bendy frame. as a result, taffy uses a number of the longest-attaining actions in the sport. he also can twist himself tightly to reason himself to spin at his opponent even as his hands flail. in 1-participant mode, he’s going to combat in two overflowing taffy factories.

Tiny – a wrestler-kind character who does not without a doubt depend on wrestling. as an alternative, he uses his massive fists to price across the display screen and punch, in addition to rolling himself right into a ball and flinging himself at foes. some other opponent with two palette-swapped arenas, he’s going to combat in a wrestling ring or at a coliseum.

N. boss – the final boss is an extraordinary necklace-like creature. searching like not anything a lot as a string of pearls with two spherical eyes (one wide-open, one half-closed), n. boss best attacks with projectiles copied from other characters and a seize assault. not like the other characters, he does not look like product of clay and the announcer does not announce his call at the begin of the match (much like master hand from awesome smash bros., except superb spoil bros. 4) or whilst he wins, both suggesting that he become thrown in on the closing 2d just to have a very last opponent to stand. n. boss uses the purple meteor itself as his arena, even though it is in reality a palette swap of the blob’s stage. in clay fighter: match edition, he has his own arena. his call is a pun, poking fun at each m. bison from street fighter ii and the phrase “stop boss.”

Clay Fighter


Clay fighter turned into developed with the aid of the studio visual standards and published by means of interaction entertainment. visible ideas president Greg Thomas said that the sport, consisting of silly, clay characters battling one another, was conceived as a “new” and “funny” alternative to the violent yet famous combating franchises avenue fighter and mortal kombat.[5] the developer took the concept to animation professionals ken Pontiac and David mandible of threat productions, based in Brisbane, California. the two corporations worked for almost one year growing clayfighter.[5] as soon as the game’s eight opponents have been finalized, artists at danger spent numerous months molding the characters into diverse positions with different styles of clay.[6] for example, the thinner man or woman taffy became constructed with a more potent kind of clay than the less difficult blob. also, a few characters required extra fashions than others as a way to seize all their actions; artists shaped approximately 70 models only for blob.[6] the characters were then lively the use of prevent motion images.[5] a video camera related to an Amiga computer jogging a images editor digitized the figures.[6] dressmaker Jeremy airy defined this part of improvement, processing usable and scripting language man or woman animations, as very lengthy and tedious.[7] interplay additionally aided in the clayfighter challenge through growing new person moves with spliced animation sequences; the publisher changed into also answerable for recording the musical rating, voices, and sound effects.[5] clay-fighter’s design became at the start made to compete with combating games along with mortal kombat, however without the heavy violence and gore that turned into turning into debatable. interplay pushed the sport announcing “mother and father who object to blood-and-guts video games now have an opportunity name that offers children the type of severe movement they want to look in preventing games” to draw sales.


In can also 1994, interaction launched clayfighter: tournament version for the tines.[1] this version of the sport was to start with offered as an exceptional condominium-only address blockbuster video in north america.[9] tournament edition progressed at the authentic clayfighter via solving many system defects, including a number of degree backgrounds, and imparting new difficulty settings, speed options, and versus modes.[10] the sega genesis version of clayfighter become launched on the wii virtual console in europe on February 6, 2009 and in north the united states on may also 25, 2009.

A port of clayfighter for the Atari jaguar become reportedly within the works with the aid of interplay but it was in no way released.

Clay Fighter


Clay fighter turned into followed via the event edition update in 1994. sequels were additionally produced: clayfighter 2: judgment clay for the tines in 1995 and clayfighter 63⅓ for the nintendo 64 in 1997. the latter of which had its own special version with clayfighter: sculptor’s reduce in 1998, which become handiest to be had as a condo game at blockbuster video stores in north the united states. the sculptor’s cut edition protected four extra characters (high 5, lady liberty, lockjaw pooch, and Zappa yow yow boy z) who were reduce out of the unique release for 63⅓. many special attacks that the characters used had been removed and the mix system become additionally altered. sculptor’s reduce is widely taken into consideration to be the rarest game released for the nintendo 64, with most effective 20,000 copies ever produced.

On september 15, 2009, interplay announced a return of clayfighter for tinware and dishware simply earlier than both versions are cancelled.

On march 1, 2015, interaction introduced that a remastered clayfighter could be released someday in 2016 and might be advanced in partnership with drip drop video games. it’ll include greater than 20 characters and 20 “familiar” environments, precise “causalities,” and new mechanics like double-jumping, air-rushing, counters, and reversals.[14]

The sport has because been cancelled, as in 2016 interaction announced the highbrow rights to clayfighter and plenty of other titles would be bought off.


Clay fighter was provided fine road fighter wannabee of 1993 by way of digital gaming month-to-month. they also awarded it first-rate sound consequences, as well as awarding it for having the excellent advert.[17]

Clay fighter bought 2 hundred,000 copies by the stop of 1994.

Game pro gave the genesis port a commonly effective assessment, praising it as nearly equal to the incredible nes authentic. they remarked of the game itself that “fighting fans with a humorous bone will enjoy clayfighter with its laughable characters, cool combinations, and splendid sport play.”[19] electronic gaming month-to-month also praised the genesis port for wearing over all the content of the incredible nes model, even though they remarked that a six-button genesis controller is wanted to fully enjoy the sport.


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