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Roma Victor Game

Roma Victor Game
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Roma Victor Game

Roma Victor Game is an mmog primarily based at the roman empire in top notch britain within the latter half of the 2nd century. roma victor was advanced via red bedlam ltd. of brighton and hove, England. the in-recreation global become a 30x30km illustration of a segment alongside Hadrian’s wall, which include numerous small villages and roman forts.

roma victor was launched by using redbedlam on july 14, 2006, with pre-order customers being let in 2 weeks earlier. in January 2010, it turned into announced that the purchase of latest accounts might be blocked as of might also 5, and that the game could remain on-line for any other year after that, at redbedlam’s expense. however, the game become close down almost 6 months early with out caution.


roma victor became set inside the province of Britannia simply before the decline of the roman empire, starting in the year 180ad. commodes, having succeeded his father Marcus Aurelius as emperor, was exerting a tyrannical have an impact on throughout the empire.

From november 2006, the playable vicinity encompassed the southeastern portion of Caledonia which changed into termed in-sport as a playfield. as discussed via redbedlam, there had been in addition plans to extend this playable area and to create other playfields in one-of-a-kind areas of the ancient world, if the server population had accelerated enough to warrant such extensions. these may additionally have blanketed playfields including germanium, Hispanic, Italy and Gaul, or different areas of Britannia. the additional playfields were by no means brought, nor had been a few components of southeastern Caledonia marketed as being in roma victor at business launch, along with the roman metropolis of alluvium.

In the very last country of the sport, the Romans started out life as a slave in the historical regional town of corstopitum over which cutting-edge cor bridge lies. barbarians commenced inside the village of erring, immediately north of costumier.

Roma Victor Game


Playable area and factions

There have been factions in roma victor, the Romans and the barbarians. each faction had its personal specific benefits and disadvantages.

The playfield turned into divided in boards, areas with the size of one square kilometer in a 1:1 scale to the real world. some of those forums were pre-built, however maximum have been composed of uninhabitable wilderness. the pre-constructed boards represented the historical locations of roman colonies and forts, even though creative license turned into extensively utilized to create fictitious locations. desert forums can be made build able if a guild corridor changed into constructed on that board.

Whilst a player person first started out the game, they have been in attending repute which intended they could not attack or be attacked by using other players. they can be deattended immediately with the aid of a participant who became the local magistrate, or via finishing a tutorial. the deattending command utilized by the neighborhood lord or magistrate turned into supposed to be a device to save you grievers from abusing the protections of attending reputation. however, because of the extremely repetitive, redundant, and monotonous tutorial, player lords and magistrates were harassed with the responsibility of deattending hundreds of players who preferred no longer to complete the academic.


Guilds were participant associations, or “clans” and fashioned the premise of an awful lot of the social shape in roma victor. guilds in roma victor were solely made from gamers—the numbers will be augmented with the aid of npc members, which might be employed and assigned to numerous roles and obligations, consisting of shielding the guild’s individuals, wearing out assignments, or without a doubt appearing as a service provider on behalf of the guild.

Roman guild kinds included auxiliary, legion, patron house and patrician house. barbarian guilds included tribe and war band, and there have been additionally non secular cult guilds which could include each roman and barbarian characters.

Every player additionally had their personal family. family become the collective time period carried out to all of the buildings and npcs owned, hired, and/or run by means of an man or woman player. there can be many homes and npcs inside a family and the usage of the integrated family control interface a player ought to set entry prices or rent fees on their belongings, assign npcs to behave as traders or guards, summon npcs as an escort, rent and push aside group of workers, etc. npcs have been recognized to purpose lag for the duration of the complete history of roma victor, to include sizable negative effects on sport overall performance in the starter cities.

Roma Victor Game

Skills and abilities

There had been no person ranges in roma victor. but, there has been a ‘skill’ tree which changed this characteristic. individual improvement in roma victor become designed to simulate actual life. that is, if a participant needed to enhance his woodcutting talent, he had to exit inside the woods and reduce a few timber down. from those timber, he ought to then extract sticks and turn them into handles to train his getting ready ability. the ones handles ought to then be utilized by a smith to make easy equipment.

Maximum craft able items might be made and used by everyone, but there were sure items, like the caloric segmentation Armour that would only be made and worn by using legionaries. numerous items, like the hide shirt may want to only be made and worn with the aid of barbarians. there had been no level or talent restrictions, however the ensuing object pleasant suffered greatly while a person turned into no longer a master in the required talents to supply the object. a participant wishing to make extremely good items had to teach his talents through working towards menial duties requiring that talent. a massive wide variety of objects were by no means made craft able, together with numerous weapon kinds and a majority of armor types.

Skill regions in roma victor included carpentry, smiting, production, fight, farming, animal dealing with and extra. within the roman faction, a slave man or woman earned citizenship after gaining a certain number of talent mysteries and reputations.

Many branches of the talent tree had been in no way carried out.


Roma victor featured a crafting gadget, in which it changed into viable to discover sources and additives that could be put together the usage of the associated capabilities.

Each object in the roma victor universe had a contemporary high-quality level and a maximum high-quality stage. the present day pleasant stage decreased as the object changed into used; the most fine level decreased because the object changed into repaired (bringing the modern-day first-class returned as much as the maximum first-class degree). if one forgot to restore the item it might eventually break and be misplaced. a warning of breakage became issued randomly whilst high-quality reached a low degree.


Creation became in large part the same as crafting, most effective with the greater want of substances and capabilities. while constructing anything from simple devices thru to complex buildings like workshops, it turned into crucial to have a geared up supply of professional labor and an amazing supply chain to complete the activity. npc laborers may be hired to hurry up the entire technique, however it turned into viable for character players to additionally offer a supporting hand. laborers can also “bulk-add” handcart-loads complete of easy-to-add objects, together with firewood, or even bricks to lengthy projects.

Roma victor featured an open-ended ‘sandbox’-fashion environment wherein gamers ought to hire systems to live in, build their very own, or let them out to other players. any shape will be set as public or private.

The construction changed into essentially divided among gadgets and systems. gadgets have been important a good way to craft objects, which include equipment and guns. furnaces, workbenches, and kilns have been examples of devices implemented during the last ranges of the sport. structures had been essentially buildings that would serve as housing, storage regions, and superior crafting workshops. build able player-made structures other than guild halls covered roundhouses, animal pens, arenas, workshops, and seashores. but, most superior systems have been never craft able by using players. tents could also be made as transportable structures that might be transported in a person’s inventory before deployment.


Combat competencies had been dependent in a similar manner to crafting competencies, in that an untrained individual become very unlikely to win in a truthful fight towards a quite trained person, no matter player skill and reflexes. a man or woman mechanically dodged and parried incoming moves based on randomized calculations on the server, although blockading with a guard had each an automated calculation and could appear if the opponent by accident clicked on the participant’s defend. it turned into additionally possible to disarm an opponent’s weapon for the duration of a fight.

Roma victor featured actual-time combat, which became largely determined via individual competencies just like the character ‘ranges’ observed in maximum moms. however, in contrast to a few other games, there had been several hints that had been harder to tug off than simply pushing a button. timing and approaches additionally played a big function in your man or woman’s survival.

Roma victor had hotboxes for every body part on a participant, in order that clicking the attack button while aiming the mouse on a selected a part of an opponent’s body might attempt to hit exactly that a part of the frame. after the person’s automated hazard to keep away from the assault based on talent numbers, the assault damage might be implemented to the hit points in that body part if the calculations failed. in this manner, a participant ought to repeatedly click at the susceptible or unarmored parts on an opponent.

Roma Victor Game

Death and the afterlife

Whilst the hit points of a particular body part reach zero, the participant might grow to be incapacitated. whilst incapacitated (i.e. knocked out) in fight, the player’s individual might not necessarily die immediately. he might be subconscious on the floor for a sure time (it varies), except a person administered fundamental useful resource or a killing blow. if someone administered first resource, the player would be returned on his feet and ready to fight in a few seconds, albeit seriously wounded. if a deathblow turned into administered, then the player become taken far from the combat to Elysium, a small location for dead players. in Elysium, the participant had to stroll closer to an npc that could go back him to a chosen spawn-in spot on the primary game world. if a player was deathblow and had excessive talents, they may go through decay. participant kills dealt extra skill loss than different sorts of death.

The roma victor website claimed that once dying the player man or woman could ought to navigate their way via “terrific landscapes, puzzles, bodily demanding situations, demons and duels,” various in problem depending on the person’s badges and reputations (lifestyles choices). but this became in no way implemented.

Being deathblow became not the most effective way to die in roma victor. other forms of dying blanketed drowning in a river if you ran out of energy whilst still swimming, bleeding to dying after receiving a deadly wound with out right scientific treatment, and suicide. if a player needed to devote suicide in the sport, they may accomplish that at any time. one characteristic (muscle, imaginative and prescient, agility, dexterity, instinct, or stamina) would be completely zeroed.

Roman provincial regulation

Certain regions have been nicely-policed by means of npc representatives of roman regulation, consisting of legionaries, who might try to uphold the regulation and prevent violence. in roman settlements, it become not possible to interrupt the legal guidelines, whilst in others a participant should try it at his own threat, because the npc guards would, regardless of region, understand of the act and reply later. the offending participant might get hold of a “badge” upon his person marking them as a criminal, which might be removed upon loss of life or after a fixed quantity of time.

Barbarians north of Hadrian’s wall were past the reach of the law altogether, so the barbarian lands were effectively a complete pvp environment. there were no bad outcomes for attacking different barbarians; other than a popularity among fellow players.

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