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Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Transformers: Dark of the Moon 
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Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Transformers: dark of the moon [d] is an motion-adventure online game which was launched on june 14, 2011 in north the us. the wii and the 3ds versions are specific to the xbox 360 and playstation 3; there is additionally a ds model that changed into also specific to the console and wii and 3ds versions. transformers: dark of the moon became revealed on February 12, 2011 along the release of the trailer for the sport.[4] the PS three and xbox 360 versions of the sport had been advanced through high moon studios who formerly advanced transformers: conflict for cybertron[5] even as the wii, Nintendo ds, and Nintendo 3ds variations were advanced with the aid of behavior interactive. the game capabilities a method referred to as “stealth pressure” in which characters best partially remodel from their automobile mode. weapons protrude from the car shape and greater particular controls are to be had, together with strafing, airplanes additionally use this stealth pressure.[6] electronic arts launched cell incarnations of the game for Symbian, ios and blackberry.


Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions

The sport takes region three years after transformers: revenge of the fallen. bumblebee is dispatched somewhere in south the united states to plant wheel jack’s virus to a decepticon transmitter that is paying attention to the autobots’ transmissions with nest, which he does with the help of optimus prime and sideswipe. then, in Detroit, the metropolis is attacked with the aid of a small army of decepticons led by the construction mix master. autobot 2nd-in-command ironhide is sent to break all decepticons with the help of scientific officer ratchet. ironhide kills most of the decepticons and mix master with an experimental rocket launcher, which was given with the aid of wheel jack. somewhere in south the USA, sideswipe disappears in the jungle so mirage is sent to meet bumblebee, but he encounters the vicious decepticon 2nd-in-command starscream and is knocked out through him through getting thrown thru a bridge. mirage wakes as much as find himself in the jungle after being knocked out and does not have his capacity’s to transform and use his guns, but he does receives his skills returned after sneaking to a crashed nest helicopter and get a supply drop containing his weaponry. he does discover sideswipe with the assist of bumblebee. in the meantime, megatron orders soundwave to visit a former region seven base on an island with laserbeak. they discover know-how of a crash at the moon in the course of the Sixties and a sophisticated generation known as mechanic, which soundwave destroys by way of triggering a volcanic eruption earlier than escaping the bottom. starscream is dispatched to penal to locate and spoil the ultimate mechanic this is about to be airlifted by using the large aerial bot named stratosphere from a nest facility somewhere in the snowy mountain range. then, he fights the other aerial bots, along with air raid, breakaway and silver bolt. starscream mercilessly kills them, at the side of stratosphere who is wearing the generation and takes a bit of the mechanic. starscream returns to the decepticon base in Siberia, but he would not understand that the autobots placed a tracker on the weapon he took. the autobots invade the bottom and at the same time as that is taking place, megatron gets a truck mode and fights and kills warpath, the autobot brute who transforms into a tank. megatron then unearths a YouTube retaining a frozen shock wave, the infamous decepticon murderer and scientist. in the meantime, he fights optimus prime, subsequently taking him down and kicking him right into a pit conserving shock wave and the driller, a massive worm-beast like robotic who simplest works below shock wave’s command. prime fights both of them before they flee. optimus then claims that the warfare is received, but he knows that the struggle is far from over. someplace in Africa, megatron and the decepticons meet and release “operation pillar”.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon 

Wii and Nintendo 3DS versions

Taking vicinity three years after the occasions in transformers: revenge of the fallen, the autobots hold to hunt for the decepticons in spite of humanity believing that they’ve fled the planet, defeated. optimus top, bumblebee, and mirage head to a desolate tract to check out the brand new “stealth pressure mode” upgrade given to them through the autobot scientist wheel jack. after carrying out, optimus tries to contact n.e.s.t. headquarters, however something jams his link to them. bumblebee is dispatched to infiltrate a decepticon base also placed within the desert to find out why. he discovers that the decepticons are using satellite TV for pc dishes to jam the autobots communications. after shutting them down, bumblebee heads in the base to scout it out, but his link with the autobots is misplaced, prompting optimus to head in after him, blasting down the door to the bottom after a brief combat.

Wheel jack obligations optimus to plant an upload virus into three satellites so the autobots can study the deception’s motives, and ends up looking to shield them from the decepticons. the upload is a fulfillment and optimus finally ends up combating the decepticons for 5 mins until bumblebee escapes the base and stratosphere arrives to choose them up. the autobots had escaped and discovered that the decepticons are plotting an attack on Detroit, Michigan and are worried in a venture called “operation: pillar” and megatron is interested in some thing or someone called “shock wave”. in Detroit, soundwave and the construction mix master lead a full-scale assault on the town, with ironhide because the simplest autobot in the area.

Sound wave deploys lock down to attack the autobots and to infiltrate the bottom, where lock down goals the mainframe terminals to upload a virus created by means of mix master. meanwhile, ironhide protects a few satellite dishes from the decepticons and learns that mix master is trying to carry the rest of his former teammates returned on line and to reform devastator. after destroying the additives and killing mix master, he battles soundwave, who is being aided with aerial guide from starscream. after a quick fight, soundwave ends up defeated and flees. optimus calls ironhide to return to the headquarters and enters the autobot base lock down entered. starscream obligations lock down with destroying the controls for the primary gate and escaping, all whilst warding off optimus. he succeeds and starscream tells him to retreat, as megatron has new orders for him to perform.

The autobots track the decepticons to an abandoned base in Siberia, in which wheel jack informs optimus and his crew that megatron is attempting to reactivate his number one objective: shock wave, who is found out to be a lethal Cameroonian murderer. optimus deploys mirage to take out the deception’s communications and ironhide to take out the protect this is shielding the bottom’s entrance. upon learning of the autopilot’s presence, megatron deploys soundwave to hold off the autobots at the same time as megatron reactivates shock wave. soundwave ends up combating mirage, who is being aided with aerial guide from stratosphere. mirage finally ends up defeated and flees proclaiming, “you bought lucky! it won’t manifest again!”.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon 

Megaton destroys the coils in the base to hurry up shock wave’s reanimation, which he succeeds in doing. upon awakening, shock wave tells megatron that his energon degrees are depleted, prompting megatron to maintain off the autobots at the same time as soundwave takes shockwave to a safe location. after defeating more than one autobots, megatron learns that shock wave’s minion, a huge Cameroonian, multi-headed, steel, malicious program-like creature called “the driller” has been awakened. megatron tells starscream to take the decepticons and leave Siberia and comes to a decision to apply the driller to smash optimus.

Ironhide confronts megatron as he is fleeing the bottom, having defeated optimus. in opposition to wheel jack’s warnings, ironhide battles megatron and defeats him, who admires him for having “a warrior’s spirit”, and vows that once they meet again, he’ll crush it to dirt. wheel jack advises ironhide to retreat and that they’ll get megatron subsequent time, which ironhide swears to perform.

In south Africa, megatron, starscream, soundwave and shockwave meet in which megatron tells shockwave to move to Chernobyl to look for a sure historical Cameroonian artifact.



The sport, like its predecessor, includes preventing enemy sis or other players in multiplayer. it introduces a new feature known as “stealth pressure”, which consists of even motors like megatron’s truck or bumblebee’s carom to use weapons even as in car form. in each car and robot form, the person has get right of entry to to two unique skills, which change while the participant transforms. for example, ironhide may have the capacity to throw grenades in robot shape, and a pace-up ability in car shape. there are three training: commander, scout, and warrior. every have their own precise trends. for example, the warrior may have more effective assaults, however the scout is faster, even as the commander might have more health.



Peter Cullen and Jess Darnell reprise their roles as optimus high and ironhide from the movies. Jamie croft replaces George cu because the voice of wheel jack. Dave boat voices the decepticon construction, mix master. Steven bloom who voiced starscream within the television collection transformers: high reprises his role as starscream changing charlie alder. multiplayer exceptional characters warpath, breakaway, air raid are voiced by way of Dave fennel, christian lane and rick d. Wassermann. Nolan north portrays fundamental Reynolds. Isaac c. singleton, jr. voices decepticons soundwave and shockwave. Hugo weaving did no longer reprise his function as megatron, neither did frank weaker. Fred resuscitator as an alternative voices megatron, ratchet, sideswipe and bumblebee. Travis willing ham voices non-player boss stratosphere. Dave Gutenberg replaces Francesca Quinn because the voice of the autobot spy mirage.

The original music rating for the PS three and xbox 360 versions of the sport become composed through Jeff broad bent. the sport soundtrack launched on iTunes and amazon November eight, 2011.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon 


Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions

The title has acquired usually mixed reviews, with a rating of fifty nine and 57 for the xbox 360 and playstation three variations on meta critic. game zone gave the 360 and psi model a 7, mentioning “transformers: darkish of the moon is a perfectly pleasant, if brief, adaptation of the transformers movie. the characters are likable, and the distinctive car sorts paintings fantastically.” ign gave the xbox 360 and psi model a of 10. praising the thoughts however criticizing the sport as an entire. game spot gave five.5 of 10. they praised the transformation abilities however criticized the bad pix, odd vehicle physics and brief marketing campaign.[citation needed]

Joystick gave the name a bad rating of 2 out of five stars, criticizing the sport because it feels 1/2-finished. destruction gave the title a five.five out of 10 score, mentioning that the title is better than maximum movie video games, however feels like a rushed movie tie-in. the legitimate xbox magazine offered the title a 6.5 out of 10 rating, praising the controls, stealth force mode but criticized the closing ranges of the sport and the multiplayer aspect. game pro gave the identify a 3.5 out of five superstar rating. they praised the good pictures, voice acting and sort of transformers for every challenge however criticized the story, car physics, multiplayer mode and the repetitive melee fight. game trailers gave the title a 7 out of 10 rating, mentioning that “dark of the moon offers masses of popcorn thrills that you will possibly neglect as soon as the credits start rolling. judged against different film games, it is sincerely quite right; next to last 12 months’s advanced access, however, it looks a bit like a tin can.” game informer gave the identify a 7.five out of 10 score, declaring that all of us who played transformers: conflict for cybertron have to revel in this name. euro gamer gave the identify a low score of 5 out of 10, declaring that the identify does not have sufficient polish as conflict for cybertron had acquired and high moon studios should’ve been given greater time.[citation needed]

Wii and Nintendo 3ds variations

Wii and Nintendo 3ds versions of the game received poor reviews, scoring 34 and 30 on meta critic.

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