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Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron
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Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron is a 3rd-character shooter video game evolved by means of high moon studios and posted by way of activation. it’s far the sequel to the 2010 video game transformers: conflict for cybertron, and at once follows the occasions of that sport as the autobots warfare to defeat their decepticon foes in a struggle for his or her domestic planet of cybertron. the game became launched on august 21, 2012, in north the us and on august 24, 2012, in Europe for microsoft windows, PS 3, and xbox 360. in 2016, it was released for PS four and xbox one on august 8, in Australia and on august 9, in north america. mercenary technology evolved the game’s home windows model, at the same time as a laugh labs developed the playstation four and xbox one variations.

The game tells the tale of the transformers, fictional robotic existence bureaucracy, and the final days of battle on their home planet of cybertron. an origins subplot for the nanobots is likewise told, re imagined from the transformers: era 1 continuity. other subplots additionally inform an tailored story for several characters. some of the voice cast from the 1984 collection the transformers return to reprise their roles, which includes peter Cullen as autobot chief optimus high and Gregg Berger as gridlock. different actors go back to reprise their roles from transformers: battle for cybertron.

Fall of cybertron acquired generally favorable reviews from critics. critics typically felt that the game become authentic to the transformers franchise and supplied right fan provider, however some concept that the tale pace slowed at times. gameplay become mainly praised, however some reviewers mentioned the removal of warfare for cybertron’s cooperative marketing campaign as a low factor. pics and audio also acquired extensively wonderful feedback. a tie-in titled transformers: upward push of the dark spark, that is partially set between conflict for cybertron and fall of cybertron turned into released june 24, 2014.


Transformers: fall of cybertron, like its predecessor transformers: war for cybertron, is a 3rd-man or woman shooter. players can manipulate every transformer in both its robotic and automobile forms. instead of a traditional fitness machine, the game functions a gadget much like the halo series of video video games. the player man or woman has each a regenerating defend and health, the latter of which can be replenished by way of a health p.c..[1] the weapon choice in fall of cybertron is increased, with new guns that could take on very vast improvements, along with one which permits a weapon to fire up to seventy five% quicker. these are purchased via Telemann 1 kiosks determined for the duration of the sport.[2]

Each person has been given their personal unique ability. for instance, jazz can hearth a grappling hook to reach high or distant places,[3] optimus high can command the large metropolis, and the combat icons have the ability to combine into the decepticon Brutus. segments wherein gamers manipulate Brutus are designed to accommodate its large size. scale is maintained so the person towers over enemies.[4] the autobot gridlock, who transforms into a dinosaur, is managed otherwise than other characters. carrying simplest a sword and guard, grimlock cannot rework at will, as a substitute accumulating rage as he battles warring parties. whilst he profits enough rage, grimlock is able to rework and inflict big damage.[4] the net cooperative marketing campaign play featured in the first recreation has been removed in want of levels that make use of each person’s unique abilities.

The survival mode escalation from warfare for cybertron returns. on this mode gamers should defend towards more and more tough waves of enemies. as gameplay progresses, new sections of the level open, which offer gamers get right of entry to to upgraded guns and talents. franchise characters are used in escalation, even as gamers can customize one in every of 4 man or woman classes (scientist, infiltrator, destroyer, and titan) on nine one of a kind maps (sewers, spire, abandoned, bowels, array, corrosion, tempest, convoy, desolation) in competitive multiplayer.[6] autobot and decepticon transformers may be customized with elements earned via a rating system or bought via the game’s marketplace. several components from well-known transformers can be used, such as heads, torsos, legs, and fingers. hundreds of portions and color options are to be had.[6] gamers also can purchase and upgrade their gear.

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron



Transformers: fall of cybertron is an instantaneous continuation of transformers: battle for cybertron. large robotic life paperwork referred to as transformers are at civil conflict. factions, the autobots and the decepticons, vie for manipulate of their domestic global, cybertron. the activities of the previous recreation have left the planet unable to preserve lifestyles, and the autobots, desperate to ensure the ongoing existence of the transformer race, searching for to flee the planet. the decepticons, nonetheless bent on domination, will stop at nothing to make sure that the autobots both submit to the decepticons or are eliminated. fall of cybertron depicts the final war among the two robotic factions, which results within the desolation of their domestic world, forcing the autobots to are looking for refuge in our galaxy, the milky manner.the developer, excessive moon studios, was hoping to expose a darker tone than the unique sport. game informer’s Matt miller stated that the game “changes and improves upon so most of the fundamental thoughts that the developer considers the game a natural successor instead of a true sequel.”


The sport begins at the ark, the spacecraft the autobots use to escape their death home world of cybertron. on their journey, the decepticons attack. optimus top engages megatron immediately at the outer surface of the ark. ratchet sends bumblebee to his useful resource and reveals optimus just as megatron is set to deliver a completing blow. he dives in front of the deadly blow, saving optimus. the game then flashes again to six days earlier.

The autobots guard the docked ark from decepticon forces and 3 warp cannons. optimus realizes they’ve damaged via grimlock’s post after unsuccessfully trying to contact him. optimus leaves to assist ironhide, warpath and their forces defend the ark. jazz, cliff jumper and sideswipe are dispatched to analyze grimlock’s disappearance, and at the same time as casting off enemy tanks, optimum’s turret abruptly deactivates. as he leaves to repair it the room transforms round him, main him to a brightly lit chamber where he unknowingly activates the city-sized historical autobot metropolis. the titan destroys decepticon warp cannons however is shot point-blank with the aid of the 0.33 and presumed lifeless. starscream and the combaticons ambush and capture optimus quickly after and bring him earlier than megatron. as megatron prepares to execute optimus, metropolis arrives and pummels him into the ground. with megatron lifeless, starscream claims management of the decepticons and orders a tactical retreat.

In the meantime, jazz, sideswipe and cliffjumper music grimlock’s signature to the sea of rust to find him and his lightning strike coalition pressure composed of slug, sludge, snarl and swoop. after exploring the area and eliminating dozens of decepticons, jazz and cliffjumper locate sludge’s useless body and an big tower in a lake of energon firing a vivid beam into cybertron’s orbit. they find the decepticon scientist shockwave on the scene and find out it’s miles a space bridge. shockwave escapes the ensuing disagreement, and cliffjumper will become trapped, leaving jazz to fight off the incoming insect icon swarm. cliffjumper overloads the tower, and he and jazz are saved from the tower’s explosion by sideswipe. they document again to optimus, ironhide, ratchet and percolator.

Shortly after the autobots salvage the energon from the tower, starscream and his combaticons arrive to reclaim it. onslaught, the combaticons’ chief, briefs them on a plan to ambush the autobot delivery carrying the energon. the combaticons vortex, brawl and blast off wreck the helps of the bridge the shipping ought to pass. starscream then orders the decepticons to attack from the air regardless of onslaught’s caution approximately the shipping’s anti-aircraft cannons. as a result, swindle and onslaught interact the autobot ground forces and destroy the wheel struts below the transport. the transport turns on its flight mode and the autobots engage the decepticon team. starscream orders the combaticons to abort the task, however they defy him and integrate to shape Brutus, who brings the transport down, inadvertently dropping half the energon inside the crash. starscream arrives at the crash website and arrests the combaticons for insubordination.

Underneath the area of koan, the capital town of the decepticons, soundwave assembles a more recent, extra effective chassis for megatron, the use of it to resurrect him. megatron then demanding situations starscream, who is currently being topped as the chief of the decepticons as part of his coronation, and his loyalists for management of the decepticons, kills his squad dies, defeats him and frees the combaticons. he then leads a complete-scale assault at the autobot stronghold in the ruins of icon, in which the huge decepticon contraption’s remains are kept. megatron and his squaddies invade the power and he takes contraption’s power core, the heart of a transformer. he informs trypticon that he isn’t always being rescued as he “failed” him, however he congratulates him for destroying icon city and thousands more autobots. trypticon is then completely transformed into the nemesis, the decepticon flagship.

Star scream, having been humiliated on the fingers of megatron, infiltrates shock wave’s towers and sabotages his lab equipment. within the lab he unearths grimlock being held prisoner. he offers grimlock freedom in change for his fealty, but grimlock escapes through grabbing and throwing starscream into the restraint controls, killing him. he reunites together with his teammates swoop, slug, and snarl; then proceeds to kill the defending insect icons and the swarm leaders named hard shell, kickback and sharp shot. grimlock learns from shockwave that their processors had been tampered with, leaving grimlock with a speech impairment. by way of manner of his space bridge, shockwave also found a brand new planet inhabited through huge creatures; these have been used to encourage all of their new change forms. grimlock become similarly modified, and is prevented from reworking at will; when in a nation of rage he can override shock wave’s reprogramming. he remembers a call that sharp shot gave them, the nanobots, and claims it as their new group call. then he notices some other area bridge tower that shockwave has built close by, which opens a portal. grimlock fights his manner to shockwave, biting his left arm off and rigging the tower to explode. the crumbling tower falls, killing grimlock and shockwave and destabilizing the portal in cybertron’s orbit because the remaining 3 nanobots watch in horror.

Before the release, metropolis sacrifices himself by using moving all of his energon to the ark. optimus then requires the release to try and break out through the portal earlier than it closes, however the decepticons arrive inside the nemesis to prevent them. soundwave leads the first wave of troops onto the ship through giant cables and destroys the ark’s computerized defense device. optimus sends jet fire into space to disengage the cables. Brutus launches from the nemesis and destroys the ark’s fuel line before being fatally injured and blasted off the deliver into empty area by jazz and jet fire. the sport then returns to the sooner scene of bumblebee sacrificing himself to protect optimus, and the two rival leaders engage in a battle to death. the victor of the battle depends on the participant’s choice to play as either optimus or megatron, however earlier than the final blow can be dealt each optimus and megatron are pulled off of the hull of the ark and into the portal with both ships. the portal in the end closes, leaving cybertron a deserted damage.

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron


At some stage in an investor convention in November 2010 Hasbro showed that a sequel to the 2010 recreation transformers: struggle for cybertron could be advanced.transformers: fall of cybertron become formally introduced on October 6, 2011, in a piece of writing posted at the gaming mag game informer’s website.[7] inside the article, game informer noted that their November difficulty would incorporate an one-of-a-kind function on the upcoming recreation and the duvet could consist of concept art.[7] communism’s Chris perspire wrote that lovers might be excited to listen another unique transformers sport from excessive moon studios became being evolved, in view that the sport primarily based at the movie transformers: dark of the moon did now not meet important expectancy. Henry Gilbert of games radar became additionally thrilled to see an authentic game being developed and stated “we’re glad […] developer excessive moon studios is lower back to what it does pleasant: crafting new/old adventures for the autobots and decepticons”.[8] high moon studios at the beginning announced that they might not be releasing fall of cybertron at the microsoft home windows platform[13] however changed their plans.[14] the home windows model was finished by mercenary technology, whilst high moon studios treated the playstation three and xbox 360 releases.[15] the game is powered with the aid of epic games’ unreal engine 3 and utilizes the havoc physics engine.


Some characters who previously seemed in warfare for cybertron characteristic updated appearances and transformation schemes, or transferring elements that animate irrespective of participant movement, similar to respiration.[19] the character optimus prime became redesigned for a “more warrior-kind experience”,[18] with more bulk introduced to his body mass.[19] the weaponry in fall of cybertron turned into additionally modified and more advantageous; the designers of the sport put out a name to everyone within the studio for brand spanking new weapon ideas.[2] Matt tiger of excessive moon defined that in addition to new designs, each weapon can be upgraded, continuing, “we clearly made a conscious desire to make every upgrade a extensive development, so one improve might boom your firing speed through seventy five%. we ought to have made the device so that there were lots of upgrades that every improved your guns a touch bit, but we wanted to make every upgrade sense like this large thing. that way while players purchase it they’re truly going to experience the difference.


At e3 2012 veteran transformers voice actors peter Cullen and Fred resuscitator were confirmed to reprise their respective roles of optimus prime and megatron. resuscitator also voices ratchet and the metropolis-sized transformer metropolis.[17] gregg Berger voices grimlock from the transformers for the first time in twenty-5 years.[5] other cast individuals encompass: troy baker as jazz, jet fire, and kickback; keith charabanc as ironhide; Nolan north as cliffjumper, Brutus and brawl; steven bloom as shockwave, swindle and sharp shot; Isaac c. singleton jr. as soundwave and sam Rigel as starscream.[20] Jim ward presents the voice for preceptor, David boat voices vortex, Travis willing ham performs as sideswipe, slug and onslaught, Jamie charge voices warpath, and keith silver stein portrays blast-off and rumble.

The game functions stein bush’s tune “the touch”, firstly featured in the 1986 movie the transformers: the film.[17] the rerecorded 2007 model turned into used during promotional trailers for reorder items, while the sport’s give up credit utilize each it and a remixed model of the music. the remixed model, known as the “energy blend”, become based at the depression “Sam’s subject matter” version of the song, which became created for possible inclusion within the stay-action film revenge of the fallen.[21] the credit begin with the “energy mix” model, and segue into the 2007 version.[22] bush later released the “electricity blend” on iTunes the following.

Marketing and release

The first authentic cinematic trailer for the video game turned into shown at the 2011 spike television online game awards on December 10, 2011[24] and featured the tune “the humbling river” by way of vociferous.[25] a 2nd cinematic trailer, dubbed “our international”, become launched in march 2012.[26] gameplay changed into shown during the 2012 bot con conference.[27] on July five, 2012, the UK release date for the game become added ahead one week to august 24, 2012.[28] a trailer proposing an in-game take a look at the city-sized transformer metropolis became launched with the declaration.[29][30] the song featured changed into an ever love cover of the Sioux and the banshees tune “cities in dirt”. the release trailer was launched on august 17, 2012, and featured the subject “the final country” via passionless nanny and denial lesser. the sport become launched in north the USA on august 21, 2012, and Europe on august 24

A toy line based on the sport changed into manufactured by Hasbro below the transformers: generations banner.[33] Brutus, a individual formed by combining five decepticons, is a part of the line.[33] other figures consist of optimus prime, jazz, and shockwave.[34] it become introduced the toy line would be launched august 21, 2012, in north the united states, a week in advance than at first deliberate.

In north the us, and video game retailer game stop offered reorder codes for downloadable content. game stop supplied a g1 unfashionable p.c. that unlocks a the transformers era 1 themed optimus top pores and skin, a generation 1 stimulated megatron rifle based totally the individual’s exchange mode, and a shockwave blast cannon.[36] amazon provided a generation 2 Brutus pores and skin.[36] within the united kingdom, additionally offered reorder codes. the codes unlocked the nanobot swoop for use in the competitive multiplayer.

Multiple downloadable content material packs have been released. the multiplayer havoc p.c. released on the game’s release date of august 21, 2012, and carries 5 characters for use in multiplayer: preceptor, ultra magus, blast off, wheel jack, and zeta top. it also unlocks the related customization portions related to those characters.[38] the nanobots, aside from sludge, make up the dlc nanobot destruct or p.c., launched on 11th of September.[39] the insect icons, g1 optimus, megatron, hound, and g2 Brutus had been launched as dlc for unmarried and multiplayer in the huge fury percent on September 25.[40] players can also buy unique customization portions for their multiplayer characters thru micro transactions, permitting gamers to access content they might otherwise should play to free up.[41]

On august eight, 2016, activation launched fall of cybertron for playstation four and xbox one in Australia without pronouncing it. these variations have been developed by means of fun-labs.

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron


Fall of cybertron has acquired commonly fine opinions. the PS 3 model obtained an mixture score of seventy seven/a hundred at meta critic,[47] at the same time as the xbox 360 and windows versions both maintain ratings of 79/a hundred. game rankings reviews comparable ratings; the xbox 360 version has an aggregate rating of eighty one.forty%,[45] the playstation three a rating of 76.forty eight%,[44] and the windows version a score of seventy nine.17%[43] Jeff steersman of giant bomb gave the game a 60% approval, the bottom score suggested.[53][note 1]

Alec mere of euro gamer praised the developer’s attention on staying proper to the transformers supply fabric: “fall of cybertron is a love-letter to a fictional universe created in 1984 that has … persevered to these days.”[49] Matt miller of sport informer agreed, calling the narrative “tightly crafted”.[51] Gustav’s Matt keel lauded the tale, individual improvement and voice performing. he known as the sport “a cinematic shooter that stands at the energy of its layout and gameplay”.[50] game spot’s Kevin cordovan said that whilst the game’s levels targeted on flight are fun and that some degrees supply players a experience of energy, the marketing campaign mode turned into “too regularly more thrilling to look at than to play”.[52] coyer Cohen of professional xbox magazine gave high marks for the kind of characters gamers control in the course of the campaign. he cited that each felt precise from the others, however thought that the game could have applied the gargantuan transformer metropolis extra.[55] miller referred to that the variety of playable transformers and their particular capabilities stored the game exciting, adding that the manage scheme applicable each unique person properly.

In a extra critical evaluate, giant bomb’s Jeff steersman felt that the game had uneven pacing and gameplay. “the highs in transformers: fall of cybertron are very high […] however it doesn’t cross far enough in that course to face out” he stated.[53] steersman disliked the frame price drops for the duration of heavy motion sequences. gin’s Matt Cabral also referred to this, but brushed off those moments as “occasional hiccups”.[54] Cabral gave high marks for visual presentation, which include the transformations each person used to alternate forms.[54] each Cabral and keel criticized the shortage of cooperative campaign gameplay, a feature to be had in the game’s predecessor, as a low factor of fall of cybertron.

In line with the npd organization, the sport sold nicely for the duration of the month of its launch, placing seventh in sales despite only being to be had during the last ten days.[56] fall of cybertron offered a hundred and five,000 copies at some stage in its north the united states debut in step with game informer.


A video game titled transformers: upward thrust of the darkish spark turned into evolved by means of fringe of reality and published by way of activation. it takes location between the occasions of conflict for cybertron and fall of cybertron. it is also a crossover to the fourth live-action film transformers: age of extinction, and is consequently a tie-in to the movie. it functions characters from both timelines.

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