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Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark

Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark
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Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark

Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark is an movement-journey video game based totally on the transformers toy franchise. it turned into advanced on the whole by means of fringe of fact, with the Nintendo 3ds model evolved by means of way forward technology. it became posted by using activision and released international on june 24, 2014. it is the 1/3 installment in the conflict for cybertron collection and the fourth installment in the movie recreation series.[1] the game was launched on june 24, 2014 for microsoft home windows, Nintendo 3ds, playstation three, PS 4, wii u, xbox 360, and xbox one, to poor evaluations from critics, many criticized the tasteless story, inconsistent issue and unfulfilling combat.[2] the sport is set before the movie transformers: age of extinction, and among transformers: struggle for cybertron and transformers: fall of cybertron.


The console and microsoft home windows variations of transformers: rise of the dark spark are a third-character shooter, similar to its predecessors from excessive moon studios transformers: warfare for cybertron, transformers: fall of cybertron, and transformers: dark of the moon.

the 3ds version of the game is a method sport role-gambling video game.[4] melee fight is turn-based totally. the participant is given three rounds to use up their opponent’s fitness. if a success, the enemy is removed from the over world map. the player can pick out from seven special attacks, every with their personal recharge time after every use.

Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark


Transformers: rise of the dark spark has an extra mode known as “escalation”. it’s far an online multiplayer mode in which 4 players fend off waves of increasingly tough enemies, back with the addition of up gradable defenses. the mode capabilities over forty playable characters, and has stages based totally on each cybertron and earth.[5] escalation mode is absent in the wii u and 3ds variations of the game.[6] similarly, enjoy factors accrued by means of players in each single and multiplayer can be shared.



Transformers: upward thrust of the darkish spark is a crossover with the transformers film collection and the online game collection, which include transformers: warfare for cybertron and transformers: fall of cybertron.[7] the dark spark is a effective artifact that is capable of ripping holes in dimensions, which brings transformers universes together. the tale takes area earlier than the ark is launched in fall of cybertron, at the same time as in an alternate universe it takes place earlier than the events of age of extinction.


The game starts off evolved in continuity with the film, wherein a mysterious crimson meteor crashes into earth. the autobots reach the crash web page and optimus sees an historical Cameroonian relic known as the dark spark, the antithesis to the matrix of leadership. while the matrix offers knowledge, the dark spark offers the person the strength to bend the universe and its inhabitants to their very own will. the autobots clear out the mercenaries protecting the relic, but fail to stop the bounty hunter lock down from escaping with the relic. the attitude modifications to cybertron, where megatron and optimus provide motives to their factions’ modern country: the autobots face their darkest hour, where the decepticons are near successful.

On cybertron and within the battle for cybertron continuity, megatron sends soundwave, starscream, and shockwave to the crystal city vault to find the dark spark so as to wipe the autobots from the face of the universe. they stumble upon heavy resistance from subterranean insects. shockwave deviates from the route as he attempts to stop these insects, wherein he encounters the insect icons hard shell, kickback, and sharp shot. upon defeating them shockwave convinces them to sign up for the decepticon faction. the team reaches the vault, that’s guarded with the aid of historical warriors. after defeating the soldiers, the group reveals that keys are had to open the vault. once all of the keys are retrieved, the vault opens to show the autobots ironhide and sideswipe inner, who then thieve the darkish spark. they get away through a door just before it closes and locks.

Sideswipe and ironhide then rally with optimus and bumblebee at a teach station. sideswipe tries to name for a train, but it leaves earlier than the autobots can get onto it. while expecting some other to arrive, the autobots should defend themselves against a horde of insect icons and starscream. the subsequent educate arrives and the autobots board it. it travels only a brief distance earlier than shockwave detonates a bomb that destroys the educate.

Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark

The autobots emerge from the wreckage and optimus tries to fool the decepticons into wondering he has the darkish spark. the insect icon sharp shot informs shockwave that ironhide is virtually the one carrying it. the 2 supply chase after ironhide, and forcefully take the darkish spark from him. autobots try to stop them all through their get away, but the two flee to the lower degrees of cybertron. there they come across a ruin that became once used to house the dark spark. even as sharp shot powers up the exit door shockwave gleans information from the pc logs. the two make it through the door, and meet up with the combaticons who escort shockwave to megatron.

During the escort, swindle and shockwave are ambushed by way of cliffjumper and a set of autobots. swindle finally overpowers cliffjumper, however the autobot gets away earlier than swindle can kill him. shockwave and swindle then retain making their manner to megatron. they come at the gates of koan only to discover it attacked via autobots. after a lengthy war the combaticons combine into Brutus and dispose of the rest of the autobot troops. cliffjumper attempts to break Brutus by planting a bomb on his lower back but is fast taken captive. with megatron having the dark spark, optimus should infiltrate koan with jazz to rescue cliffjumper and ruin the darkish spark. their rescue is a hit; cliffjumper and jazz get away, leaving optimus to confront megatron, now on top of things of the dark spark. the two struggle as megatron uses the dark spark (thru a huge bite of dark energon) to revive useless autobots as senseless drones. the darkish spark is expelled from megatron’s body all through the fight’s climax, hurling it into area.

The attitude returns to earth and the movie continuity, where bumblebee and float work their way through canyons which result in lock down’s stronghold. drift is captured, and bumblebee is left to rescue him. the two war insurmountable forces, and at their most desperate moment grimlock bursts into the stronghold and is derived to their rescue. lock down escapes, fleeing to a 2d web page where he intends to open a time bridge and start the autobot and decepticon battle anew. grimlock, bumblebee, glide and optimus work their way through the metropolis to the entrance of lockdown’s base. optimus bests lockdown in fight, and the very last shard of the darkish spark is ejected from lockdown’s frame by float’s sword. optimus makes use of a beam from the matrix of leadership stored inside his chest to wreck the dark spark shard, and lockdown escapes, ostensibly making an allowance for the activities of age of extinction to take area later.

In an epilogue scene, the optimus high from the transformers: technology 1 continuity sees the dark spark falling to his model of earth, and repeats the film optimus’ line from the beginning of the sport: “i concept at the moment might by no means come…”

Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark


The windows and console versions of transformers: upward thrust of the dark spark are powered by using epic games’ unreal engine 3 and make use of the havoc physics engine. not like fall of cybertron and war for cybertron, which were developed via high moon studios, number one improvement for upward push of the darkish spark was dealt with by edge of fact. way forward technologies developed the Nintendo 3ds version of the game, which in contrast to its opposite numbers is a method rpg. it is the first PS 4 recreation to apply its pre-load feature, which permits players to download a sport before its release date and feature it prepared to play the day it is released.[8] because of the nature of the game’s narrative several characters have more than one fashions to choose from, each associated with a given continuity. as an instance, autobots bumblebee and grimlock function two separate playable individual fashions, one from the warfare for cybertron continuity, and one from the cinematic universe. optimus prime functions separate character fashions from these continuities, plus a transformers: generation 1 version.

Several veteran voice actors voice a couple of characters. peter cullen reprises his long-time role as optimus prime.[12] of his revel in furnished voice paintings for the game, cullen stated “there has been a one of these admire for the person from the start. i wasn’t used to that, it’s something that’s transformed—pardon the pun—over the years.”[13] Fred resuscitator additionally returns to voice megatron. Jim ward voices preceptor, Scott white voices hardshell, and Travis willing ham voices onslaught and sideswipe. troy baker voices jazz, jet fire, and kickback. gregg Berger voices grimlock and lockdown even as steven bloom presents the voices for sharp shot, shockwave, and swindle. Nolan north, voices Brutus and cliffjumper and keith silver stein voices blast off and rumble. soundwave is voiced via Isaac c. singleton, jr.. a trailer for upward thrust of the dark spark featured american rock band link in park’s second single “until it’s gone”.


The console and home windows versions of transformers: upward push of the darkish spark, developed by fringe of fact, acquired terrible reviews from critics. approval rankings for this version averaged between 30.00% and fifty nine.00% at game rankings, while meta critic reviews ratings within the 40’s. ign gave it a “bad” score of out of 10.0, due to “frustrating” and “stupid” design, a “puzzling” tale, and the full absence of multiplayer guide on wii u.[27] the Nintendo 3ds version, advanced by way forward technologies, obtained slightly better evaluations with a game rankings score of 60.00% and no meta critic score pronounced.


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