Transformers: The Game

Transformers: The Game

Transformers: The Game
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Transformers: The Game

Transformers: the game is the name of a couple of versions of a video game primarily based at the 2007 stay action film transformers, all of which had been launched in north the united states in june 2007. domestic console and PC variations have been advanced with the aid of vacationer’s tales for the playstation 2, xbox 360, Wii, PS 3 and PC. a one-of-a-kind PS transportable version became advanced by way of savage leisure.

Transformers auto bots and transformers deceptions are the Nintendo ds variations of transformers: the game. vicarious visions, who changed into tasked with bringing the adaptation to the Nintendo ds, chose to conform the ds version into separate games.[1] auto bots follows the heroes’ angle while deceptions follows the villains’. in contrast to video games with multiple skews such as Pokemon which feature most effective minor variations among versions, those are two separate video games, sharing a few fundamental similarities, but with precise characters, missions and places.


The sport (in all its variations) is especially a 3rd-individual movement-shooter. all of the robots have at least 5 assault kinds: a mild weapon, a heavy weapon, a melee attack, and the capability to throw objects which includes automobiles, lamp posts, bushes, and so on., and using an extended object like a lamp put up as a sword. as its title and characters suggest, a robot can remodel into a car and vice versa, this gives the game a few racing elements, because the player ought to, in a few missions, race to positive point within a time limit or before a character of the opposing faction does. each vicinity is an open international surroundings, and there also are aspect-missions, goner cubes and auto bot/deception logos scattered thru the metropolis, if accomplished effectively/accrued the player can free up trailers, production photos and unencumbered shade schemes for positive characters.

Transformers: The Game

Consoles and PC

The PS three, xbox 360, PC and the Wii versions all have the same capabilities. via finishing certain goals at some stage in the game g1 variations optimums high and megaton turn out to be available, as well as g1 coloration schemes for jazz, star scream, and optimums high (categorized provisional optimums prime). these options are grew to become on or off as soon as acquired via the bonus menu, and handiest appear at the same time as gambling as the required character. on January nine, 2008, downloadable content material entitled transformers unshockable become made available for the xbox 360 at the xbox live marketplace. it unlocks all bonus characters/skins, objects, improvements, and other unlock able content.[3] the PS 2 version of transformers: the sport has the equal game play and functions like all of the different console versions, with image quality being reduced.

The Wii is not like the other consoles, utilizing a one of a kind manipulate scheme for movement and attacks that take advantage of its motion sensing controls. with a controller inside the left and right hand the participant can swipe to mimic attacks or throwing items and point the wii remote at the display to intention and shoot the gun. the wii images are at a decrease decision than the computer, xbox 360, although greater detailed than the playstation 2 version.

PlayStation Portable

Transformers: the sport for the psp may be very unique from its console counterparts, whereas the console versions allow the participant to pick which facet’s story line they want to play, the psp version has best one story line which alternates among the two extraordinary facets.[4] additionally, the player is capable of play a total of 23 characters, along with characters from preceding generations. typical the sport for psp has the most playable characters out of all of the console video games. it also has a non-associated story than the alternative games


Auto bots

The auto bot story line starts with bumblebee landing on the earth and taking over the form of a carom. he then defeats a group of deception drones. after learning SAM Pickwick goes to buy a used automobile, bumblebee goes to bobby Bolivia’s used carrot and is sold through SAM. later, SAM and his girlfriend, mikaela banes, are attacked by using a deception, barricade, but bumblebee saves them. bumblebee fights barricade, even as sam and kamikaze escape. after defeating the deception, bumblebee reveals sam and mikaela, who thank him for saving them. optimus contacts bumblebee, telling him that sam has the artifact that consists of the area of the all spark, and bumblebee should shield sam in any respect costs.

Optimums top, iron hide, ratchet, and jazz land on earth, anticipate change bureaucracy (a perimeter 379, a gm top kick, a hummer h2 seek and rescue automobile, and a Pontiac solstice) and meet with bumblebee, sam and mikaela. sam gives them the artifact, which turns out to be his grandfather’s glasses, to optimus, who explains to sam and mikaela the project of the auto bots in earth: they may be within the seek of the all spark, a powerful artifact which is the supply of life of all transformers, so one can use it to revitalize cyber tron, the home world of the transformers. ratchet famous Sam’s grandfather discovered their enemy, the deception leader megaton, trapped inside the arctic. megaton burned the records of the all spark’s area in Sam’s grandfather’s glasses so the deceptions may want to locate the all spark. afterwards, mikaela sarcastically states that she is struggling with why bumblebee disguised himself as this sort of “beater”, and in reaction, bumblebee scans a new and advanced yellow carom as his new alt-mode.
Ironhide detects sector 7 helicopters and high orders jazz to create a diversion so that the auto bots, sam and mikaela can escape. in doing so, jazz is cornered by means of zone 7 retailers. ironhide rescues jazz from region 7, and manages to defeat numerous drones on the way. after defeating the drones, ironhide discovers that sector 7 is attempting to capture bumblebee. top tries to rescue bumblebee but he fails to shop his comrade as he’s taken away through region 7, in part due to shock wave. optimus defeats shock wave and decodes his transmissions, coming across star scream, megaton’s 2d-in-command, additionally is aware of of the all spark and megaton’s-whereabouts. with their venture clean, the autobots decide to rescue bumblebee, sam and mikaela from area 7. bumblebee, sam and mikaela are captured internal hoover dam. a electricity outage lets in bumblebee to get away. whilst exploring bumblebee finds the frozen megatron and the allspark. bumblebee recovers the allspark and rescues sam and mikaela, and then flee whilst megatron awakens. star scream and blackout, fly through the dam and purpose several generations which allow megatron to escape.

Transformers: The Game

Bumblebee, sam and mikaela tour to undertaking metropolis with the allspark. the all spark’s strength surges rework human machines into feral drones which attack bumblebee. but, ironhide rescues bumblebee and defeats the drones. in the meantime, jazz encounters and fights star scream and blackout. jazz manages to defeat the deception duo, however brawl appears in the back of him and extinguishes his spark in front of ironhide. the auto bot then defeats brawl in a “gradual dying”, avenging his fallen brother. bumblebee, but, fights barricade, who is attempting to take the allspark. bumblebee defeats the deception and meets with sam and mikaela however megatron seems in the back of him and speedy defeats bumblebee, forcing sam and mikaela to run away. megatron is ready to kill sam and mikaela, however optimus knocks megatron aside, challenging him to a very last war. optimus defeats megatron, but, just as sam is ready to give optimus the allspark, megatron jumps up and tries to kill top in one ultimate strive using his flail. however, optimus catches megatron’s flail and pulls him in closer at the same time as crushing the allspark in his different hand, and plunging it directly into megatron’s chest, presumably uniting with his spark, killing him right away. the tale ends with optimus and the autobots choosing to stay on the planet.


The deceptions story line begins with a mg-53 pave low helicopter falling out of the sky, with intense tail rotor harm, probably resulting from blackout, one of the conceptions arriving on this planet, who then takes the form of the downed craft through scanning it. he makes use of the craft so that it will enter and wreck soc cent air base in Qatar, and ejects his associate scorpion to chase after the survivors who attempt to name for help the use of mobile verbal exchange vehicles, at the same time as blackout searches for top mystery facts approximately the all spark from the remains of soc cent through PC terminals stored interior software towers, then blackout accidentally dispatched a mores code signal inviting stealth bombers and f-22s over to stop him. after destroying the air pressure blackout discovers information approximately an artifact a good way to lead the deceptions to the allspark.

Transformers: The Game

In the meantime, frenzy is within the captivity of quarter 7. barricade, scanning a police cruiser and turning into it as his alternate form, recovers frenzy and that they visit seek out the human called sam Pickwick who has the glasses with the all spark’s region burned into them. barricade finds sam and his lady friend mikaela banes, and he chases after them, handiest to be faced by way of bumblebee. barricade sooner or later defeats bumblebee, and sam gives up the glasses. barricade contacts conception sub commander star scream, that they may soon be heading to challenge city with the allspark, so star scream decides to round up the other deceptions, brawl and bone crusher, and ship them to assignment metropolis. but, he’s delayed at the airbase, however takes the opportunity to make a ‘smoking spoil’ of it.
Later, star scream and blackout arrive at hoover dam, then assist megatron to escape, destroying a collection of auto bot drones in the procedure, after which the 3 rework and fly to venture metropolis. inside the city, the relaxation of the autobots have arrived and jazz drops off sam and mikaela, and tells them to run and hide, even as barricade orders him to step apart so he can declare the allspark for megatron. jazz then confronts barricade, who subsequently kills him and leaves his frame at the foot of a monument within the principal park. barricade then contacts blackout, when he arrives with star scream and megatron, to eject scorpion, to destroy goner drones which have spawned from the allspark. scorpion destroys them, but has to run away while ironhide kicks him away just as sam become getting ready to give up the allspark. blackout then arrives, killing ironhide who is being helped by severs auto bot drones.

Megaton is going looking for optimus high with the aid of destroying the town, rather locating sam and misdeal hiding. optimus appears and intervenes before megatron can kill them, to have the last battle. sooner or later, megatron injures optimus badly, and as he reaches for the allspark, megatron stands within the manner. he lowers his flail, and might inform optimus what happens now. he increases the flail, swings it round his head once, then swings it into prime. high’s optical display glints for seconds, displaying all of his beyond recordings earlier than, flickering out, alongside along with his spark. with optimus dead, sam and the opposite people continue to be unharmed, as megatron is visible activating the allspark, then releases a big shock wave, possibly changing all of the electronics within the world into deceptions, and uses the brand new military to take over earth. the story ends sometime later, with megatron ordering all deceptions to kill the last of mankind from his “throne” before they depart earth.



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